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About Me

  • A little about me…

    I’ve been married for 13 years and vow to be a stay-at-home mom to our beautiful 3 year old daughter, Kambell – no matter what the sacrifice. So far, so good. Although we struggle to make ends meet, we try to be satisfied, knowing that material things are not most important. For the 1st few years of our marriage, saving money was not on our minds! We spent so much eating out, doing, going, etc. I would go grocery shopping just to throw out half of it because it rotted before we could eat it. Makes me sick to think about it now. I’ve always been a coupon clipper, but wasn’t diligent. I’d forget my coupons…no big deal. And when you’re throwing out food, it doesn’t matter if you used a coupon or not. After our daughter was born, we were down to one income and I started getting serious. My sister introduced me to the drug store game! I started getting great deals and building my stockpile with things I got for free or on the cheap…I was hooked! I wanted to write this blog because I cannot tell you how many people stop me in the store when they see my coupon binder! So many friends and family want to save money too…now I have one place to direct them where everything is in one place! If you’re brand spankin’ new to couponing or an old pro, I’m super enthusiastic about saving and am happy to help! Trust me, one free item, you’ll be hooked too!


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