I wanted to tell you guys about the FREE tomatoes I scored at Kroger the other night! This is another un-advertised deal that is part of the Mega Event. The sales price on the 10 oz cans is $0.47 each, assuming you buy 10 mix or match items.
Here are the details:
Ro*tel Canned Tomatoes (10oz) – $0.47
Use $0.30 Q from 1/24 SS
Final cost is FREE + $0.13 overage!
For those of you who are new to couponing and don’t have this coupon, you can still make $0.03 per can on these because there is also a blinkie machine (at my store) right under the Ro*tel tomatoes shelf. The coupons are for $0.25 off 1 can, and that of course doubles to $0.50! SA-weet!! I bought 10 cans of the diced tomatoes & green chilis. They were all out of the regular tomatoes, so I will be going back. There was also a $1.00/4 from Dec All You.
Oh, and this is funny. These are on the very top shelf and of course most of them were gone (um, they’re FREE!), and I couldn’t reach the ones that were left – being vertically challenged (5′ 1″)! So, I’m looking for someone to help me, but of course there is no one anywhere! So I decided to keep shopping and stop an employee if I saw them. NEVER FOUND ONE! So, I’m in the cereal aisle, and I see a step stool. So I’m pushing my heavy cart, trying to keep my coupon binder from falling off with one hand and carrying this HUGE step stool back 2 aisles so that I could get my free tomatoes! (I ain’t scared!) I’m sure if someone was watching this on the security tape (do they have those at Kroger?) I gave them a good laugh, but I don’t care…I wanted my tomatoes!
Anyway, this deal has been added to the weekly deals list here.